Deeperama for your business

When we created Deeperama, our first idea was to create an online platform where you could run (online) your own experiments. Well, we started to list all the pros and cons of an online platform and we figured out that this would not be very convenient.

First, you would need to upload all your datasets to our servers. Not only this is expensive, but this is quite complicated if you need to constantly change your datasets. Second, the servers should provide a very good hardware structure with GPUs to accomodate all the users. Third, the platform wouldn;t be for free. And finally, you couldn't use it to create your own business.

The last reason probably is the most important one. Deeperama is free and must be convenient for you as a developer. Therefore we decided to build it on top of the open-source Django web framework. This way, we can have the option to run it locally and avoid these tedious registrations on online platforms.

All our efforts is for you to spend your time on what really matters. Imagine how much time you would need to spend until you get a sufficient understanding of Django, databases, tensorflow, keras, etc., until you finally start focusing on what really matters for your project. If you want to create a web project for your business and want to publish it as quick as possible, Deeperama will help you quite a lot.